Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trying Something New


I went snowshoeing today.  It was great fun with fabulous company and the exercise is a plus!  I so enjoyed it.  Now I want a pair of my own.  Hmmm…. not sure when that will fit in the budget.  This was the first REAL hike in 2011.  One other night I went for a walk in the woods, but I think anything under an hour doesn’t really count as “hiking.”  I wonder how many miles I will cover this year? 


These snowshoes would really be a nice thing to have in my car.  Sometimes I don’t make it the whole way up the long driveway at the farm, so I walk up the hill.  These have grippy claw-like teeth on the bottom that work really well for traction. 


Have I mentioned that I’d like to have a pair of snowshoes?  I can dream can’t I? Smile

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