Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cached Out

We spent most of our day geocaching.  I’m so glad the rain held off until early evening!


We started at Erma Kost Trail in Hampton Township.  About a month ago we dropped some trackable items in a cache out there, not realizing that the cache was deactivated.  It was there.  It’s just out of service on the web.  So we thought why not run out there and snatch them again so we can move them along.  While we were there, we completed a multi-cache that we had tried to get before but was a bust. 


From there we hit one at a park along Rt 8 in Hampton Township.  Looked for one at Good Will in Gibsonia, which we failed to find.  Then we hit Adams Township Park where we found 4/5.  SAWEET!  


On the way home we hit Richland Township Park.  We found three there and also stopped to admire Penn Tree, which is a REALLY old tree and mighty large.  Then it started to rain. 


All in all, we found 10 out of 13 caches today!  That’s the most we’ve ever searched for in one day.  What was the best part of the day?  Just spending quality time with my Sweetie!  I love him!

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