Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just This and That

I feel like we are stuck in a time-warp.  Summer arrived, pretty much over-night it seems.  Where has time gone and where is it going?  Hmmm…

  • Work.  It’s necessary.  It takes up a lot of time, the majority of time I think.  It’s been taking more time than usual lately.  That’s what happens when I take a few days off… things pile up and then I have to work harder to get back on track.  Not to mention that this time of year is a busy time for my work.  A lot of practitioners complete their training in May or June and want to start work immediately.  I don’t blame them… they probably need the money for the mountains of student loans they must have.  So as they clamor to get in, my piles stack higher and higher, and occasionally I feel overwhelmed.  Nevertheless, I am blessed to have such gainful employment.
  • Play Ball!  We caught a ball-game not long ago with our neighbors across the street.  Keith pretty much lives and breathes baseball at the moment.  He talks about all the games he wants to go to.  I think this year we may go to more baseball games than I’ve been to in my entire life.  I cannot tell a lie… I actually enjoy it.  The Pirates are actually doing well this year.  I’m sure you are shocked to know that I have some favorite players…. Walker (of course – hometown boy), McCutcheon, and Jones. 
  • Play Softball!  Keith is playing with the church league.  They have at least a game every week, sometimes two.  It’s a great group of guys and the cheering section is pretty neat too.  Last week he couldn’t play because he had to work.  Hopefully he’ll get a game in this week though.  What a great opportunity it is for him. 
  • Gallivanting… Yes, that’s what I do with my horse.  I had one really bad ride and one really good ride in the past week.  Penny has a new fancy bridle with beautiful pink rhinestones on it.  (Thank you Mom-Hudson)  Oooooohhhh she looks soooooooo pretty.  She did not, however, like the short chinstrap I used.  That caused quite a bit of a fuss, more like a rodeo-type reaction.  I’ve rectified that with somewhat of a ghetto fix for the time being, but rest assured, I shall be heading to the tack shop in due time.  This last ride was absolutely lovely.  I need many many more like that.  I’m trying a lot of new things this year.  New feed.  New bridle.  New bit on that bridle.  New time to ride – AFTER she eats dinner.  It’s hard to say what’s been the best change for her, but so far so good. 
  • Horsing Around.  Well, that’s not always the same as riding, but yes it is taking up time.  I usually do the farm-chores at the stable 4 days each week.  There are times when I’m more flexible, but that’s my usual schedule.  I clean the stalls, sweep the floor, feed the ponies, treat the doggies, pet the kitties, and then decide if there is time to ride or not.  By the time I get out of work, over to the stable, finish my chores, and home again… several hours have passed.  I usually don’t even get home until about 7:30pm, later if we ride.  Soon there will be hay to bale too… yay!
  • Exercising.  I started my hiking binge last year about August-ish.  Sometimes with Tammi and other times with Keith, I’ve enjoyed many miles and look forward to more.  We hit Moraine a few times, McConnells Mills, North Park, Hartwood Acres, Deer Lakes Park, and other misc spots.  It’s been really good for me.  It’s great exercise, so soothing for the soul.  I’d like to try Zumba sometime too… if I can find someone to go with.  Not till winter tho.  Summer is just too full already.   
  • Gardening.  Oh I so wish I had a REAL garden.  Alas, Keith has aspired to plant some flowers in front of the house.  I hope they survive.  I hope it’s as beautiful as he plans.  I spent some time tilling some of the flower-bed by hand today.  I plan to add some better soil and plant more flowers there.  I usually have one tomato plant on the porch… haven’t decided about that for sure yet.  Some day I hope to have a REAL garden with vegetables and flowers.  I can dream can’t I?  In the past I have canned stewed tomatoes.  I really miss those.  I just do not have the space for gardening at this house. 
  • Planning.  Oh yes, planning takes time.  We’ve got all sorts of plans… we just don’t know what they all entail yet…  Kind of odd, yes I know.  We plan our meals.  We plan our activities each week.  We plan to do things that we sometimes do and sometimes don’t follow through with.  I PLAN to take my bike up to Paul’s to be fixed.  If anyone can fix it… he can.  I PLAN to ride that bike at some point this summer.  (my butt is gonna hurt – I need a big-butt seat!)  I plan to go fishing.  I plan to hike.  I plan to take some vacation time at some point.  I plan to get organized.  I plan to study.  I plan to pay off our debts.  I plan to clip coupons.  I plan to make jewelry and sometimes I THINK about selling it.  WE plan for our future… contemplating where we will live, settle, and prosper.  We plan for everything…  And just need the time to do it all.
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