Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Weekend’s Fun


Last weekend we made a little road trip to a fishing hole we hadn’t tried yet.  We went to Westmoreland Park.  It’s a lovely park with picnic tables everywhere, pavilions for parties, a beach area for swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, and boating.  There were kayaks and canoes constantly passing by. 


We didn’t catch a lot. It was HOT!  We did catch a couple small bass and some sunfish.  The water was surprisingly clear.  We could see fish coming close to shore.  I mostly fed them worms instead of actually hooking them. 


A couple times we caught our lines on the rocky bottom.  The first time Keith snagged his about 8 feet from shore, I offered to get in the water to free it for him.  An then as you can see… he was obliged to do the same for me. 


It was an enjoyable time.  It’s never long enough though.  We need to learn to plan ahead better.  I’d love to return to this park to do some more things….like hike!  I *might* be coerced into trying a boating activity since the water is so clear and seemingly calm.  No guarantees though.  

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