Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crouse Run Nature Reserve

Over coffee this morning, Keith says “What’s the plan for today?”  “Well” I reply, “I’d really like to hike, but I realize that you are really beat from working hard this week.”  “Sorry.  I really don’t feel like it today.” he says.  “I understand.  If you don’t want to go, I can go later without you.  No big deal.”  The conversation continues noting that we have a couple of travel bugs we need to move.  Maybe we could find somewhere close by to drop them.  That turned into agreeing to hit this little trail not far from home… The Crouse Run Nature Reserve. 

8-20-11 Geocaching

There were three caches along this trail that we were determined to find.  If we hoofed it a little farther, we could have had four, but we were on a race against the clock because he has to work today.  The photo above is the one called “Wildwood Boardwalk.”  There is a marshy area on the trail where they have basically built a boardwalk so you can continue on.  And then hidden not far off the beaten path was this box of goodies.  We snagged a small container of Playdoh, trading it for one of the travel bugs we needed to move. 


Love the sunshine!  Beam me up!


The trail was really neat.  It followed close to a creek bed.  We crossed the creek at least three times.  I guess that’s why the geocaching site warned to wear boots and prepare to get wet.  I wish we would have had time to play in the creek.  There was so much shale that its probably a fossil-gold-mine if you take the time to search.  As a matter of fact, if we had not had time constraints, we probably would have walked back IN the creek bed instead of on the trail. 


We found some neat things in the forrest. Hmmm... kinda creepy.

There were all kinds of interesting sites along the way.  Aside from water, rocks, trees, and foot bridges, there was an area with a bunch of odd structures around a fire pit.  I’m not sure what happened or happens here, but maybe some kind of Indian re-enactment?   There were a couple tent-like things made out of tree branches and leaves.  It was slightly creepy.  We did not linger long. 


So all in all… so much for NOT hiking today.  It was kind of short (hike-wise), but it was still really fun.  I enjoyed spending quality time with my Hubby.  

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