Monday, October 10, 2011

Seasonal Beauty

Yesterday’s hike revealed much of the seasonal beauty that surrounds us.  I did NOT wear my Bear-bell this time.  Even though there seems to be a steady slow flow of hikers and bikers out there, the wildlife is definitely THERE.  It was a joy to sneak through the woods fairly quiet so as to not disturb much.  While I was walking in the woods, I saw:

  • A 6-point buck lounging just about 25 feet off the trail.  I had stopped to look at the leaves, when all of the sudden I heard a snort.  WHOA!!!! He was RIGHT THERE!  He didn’t even get up until I had lingered and took a bunch of pictures.  Oh what I would have given to have a GOOD camera on that hike.  He was not a large buck, but boy was he pretty.  His fur looked as though it is thickening in preparation for the winter months to come. 


  • Chipmunks everywhere!  The leaves on the ground are getting crunchy, so you could really hear them scampering around.  They are obviously stockpiling nuts for the winter.  There were piles of acorn nuts here and there and many remnants of nut shells.  I also took note of an especially beautiful grey squirrel.  It’s tail was SO FULL.  I wish I had a super zoom camera to capture its beauty.  You just cannot get so close to them.  They are such nervous creatures.


  • Vibrant colors galore.  My favorite picture below.  Leaves turning orange and yellow and red, mostly still on the trees, but there was definitely a covering of them on the ground in the woods.  Tis the season here.  I also took note of little red berries on a bush.  They were such a bright contrast to the yellow leaves surrounding it. 




I wonder what I will notice today.  There is just so much to see!

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