Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yoga (Yo-guh)
noun ( sometimes initial capital letter )
a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining liberation from the material world and union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle.
any of the methods or disciplines prescribed, especially a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind, tranquillity, etc.
union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle.

I realize that I MUST exercise.  I'm learning to try new things as I strive to live a more active lifestyle.  Winter makes it particularly difficult to enjoy exercise.  Some days it is difficult to muster up the energy to exercise after a long day of work followed by an hour of chores and then another hour of driving.  By the time I'm home it's 8PM or later and I still need to make dinner.  That's why I tried yoga.  It's really refreshing to have a physically challenging activity that doesn't seem strenuous.  It's exercise that promotes relaxation.  Sounds like an oxymoron to me!

The practice of yoga is rooted in Hindu spirituality, but I'll have NONE of that.  I simply appreciate the relaxing, stretching, flexibility exercises that are beneficial to the physical body.  It's not a worshipful experience by any means.  I have several DVDs whose instruction has nothing to do with religious matters, nor deep meditation of any kind.  I'll save my meditative exercises for the one true God.  Thank you very much. 

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