Friday, April 06, 2012

Let The Change Begin

I'm delighted that Keith is starting his new position with the USPS today.  He was to report to work this evening at 8PM.  He'll be working nights, presumably for at least a year.  I have my reservations about it, but trust that God's plan is perfect.  Sooooo.... thus begins a number of lonely nights for me.  I'll adjust in due time.  While I'm missing the evening cuddling with my love, I shall use the time to redirect my attentions.  Therefore, let the change begin... 
  • Healthy meals (more salads, less pasta)
  • Hiking
  • Maybe a membership at the community center.
  • Horseback riding
  • Participation in the Women's group at church
  • Girls Group Bible Study
  • Studying for my CPCS Certification
Of course, I will need to make some adjustments to have special time with Keith on his days off.  I hope an pray that he enjoys this new endeavor.

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