Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let There Be Light!

The lights in the basement were a little bit odd.  The light at the foot of the stairs didn't work with any of the switches.  We figured out by chance that it did work when you run water.  The running joke was "Hey turn on the shower I need to go to the basement!"  The few lights in the basement offered dim lighting at best.  I had to use a lamp to see in the laundry corner, which meant I had to unplug something to have a place to plug in the lamp.   I can make do, but my husband is very handy in the electrical field.

Keith's last night off he spend it almost entirely working on the basement lights.  He rewired them and installed several new lights.  He also mounted a 4 foot fluorescent light over the laundry area.  Now it lights up like daylight in the night!  I'm so lucky to have such a bright husband. (pun intended)

I love my coat rack made out of horse shoes!  It's so ME!  Lee made it for me.  It's perfect in the entryway to hang our jackets. My friend Amy gave me the sign hung over it, which just fits our home so perfectly!

And with that all being said... the sun sets in the West as I return home this evening.  I love this home and the beauty that surrounds it.  I'm so blessed!

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