Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have the best husband, friends, brother, and nephews EVER!!!  Rene'e and Lee are the planners of this endeavor.  Rene'e ordered the lumber from a saw mill in New Bethlehem, past Rimersburg.  Paul lent us his trailer to haul it.  The mill cut the first order a foot too short, so we had to re-order and eat the expense of that trip.  When we went for the 2nd order we found that they had cut it a foot too long and charged us for the extra foot.  Rene'e argued with them so they took $100 off the order.  In all we ended up only $4 over what we had expected to pay for it.  

We had to make 2 trips to get it all.  We picked up Paul and Daniel on the way back with the first load so we had helpers for unloading.  I'm telling you, they are WONDERFUL boys!!!  They came dressed appropriately to work and even had work-gloves.  Unloading was a piece of cake with them helping.  I gave them each a little spending money, to which they replied in unison "No thank you."  So stinking polite, but I insisted they take it.  They worked HARD and have been such a blessing to me on many occasions. 

Fresh cut hemlock and lots of nails for the nail gun!

This is the small half of one load.  Each load was two bundles, one bigger one smaller. 

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