Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Need A New Camera

Yes, this old camera is dying. I'm not sure if it is just old or somewhat damaged, or maybe it's the film? Many of my pictures recently are not so good. They are dark, as if the flash failed to work. The batteries are good. The flash works most of the time.

I've had Mom's camera for about a week now. I can't keep it and actually forgot to return it yesterday. Anyway... I'd like to get a digital one next time. I just hate spending a lot of money on a camera.

Here are some recent photos:

From the Watt's Wedding:

The Bride to Be

Getting Married

The New Beginning


Wendy said...

I love weddings!! About the camera...yes definately go digital...and the more mega pixels the better...think of it as an and minolta are really good brands...sometimes Wal*Mart has some good sales...

Jane said...

I love my digital even though it was not a terribly expensive one. I got it at WalMart with my discount. I really miss having that discount! I think you take more pictures when you have a digital because you are not obligated to print anything in order to see and enjoy the pictures. I love being able to put pics on a cd and play them on the tv screen with the dvd player.