Saturday, July 22, 2006

Taste of Summer

Today was a rather productive day for me, despite the idea that I might just waste it doing nothing but relaxing. I just cannot waste energy when it arises.

After sending Keith off to work with a fresh cup of coffee (Starbuck Sanani), I pondered over what I might do in his absence. It should be noted that he gave me permission to "do nothing" should I so choose. Nah. I thought about getting Joyce for the day and doing some girly stuff with her, but she had a couple "World Of Children" performances this morning. Oh well.

Anyway, I did a lot of laundry. In between loads, I rooted through some of the boxes in the back room of the basement... determined to find the title to my truck. YES - I found it!!! Anyone wanna buy a Blazer? I need to get it home, cleaned as best I can, and on the market!

Last night we realized that most of what was in our cupboards was not quite what we were looking for. In most instances we had only half of the needed ingredients for any dish. For example, we had pasta, but no sauce. We had fish, but no tartar sauce. (yuk anyway) Go figure! We needed groceries bad! So after delivering some laundry to the Blair Homestead, I set off for Aldi's where I got a lot of this and that type stuff. From there I motored back towards home and stopped at the Harvest Valley Farm Market in Valencia where I picked up some fresh fruits and veggies. Then it was onward to Giant Eagle to get some other much needed groceries. Ahhhh... I love when our fridge and cupboards are full.

Dinner was yummy sausage with butter & herb mashed potatoes and corn. Keith dipped into the leftover cheesecake after dinner, while I slaved over making a dessert of another flair... FRESH PEACH PIE!!! Yes, I can do that! I have done it before. Nothing fancy about it... just a pie crust filled with fresh sliced peaches with a water/sugar/flour sauce. It did overflow in the oven just a smidge, but this is not the first time... oops. Anyway I just had a piece and mmmm mmmmm mmmmm it is good! Wanna see it??? Here it is!!!

Well, my husband is wanting to take me out for a date... a movie I think. Have a nice evening folks!

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Jane said...

Peach is my favorite pie and that one is beautiful! My mouth is watering!