Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Special Day For A Special Gal

I remember as a child that everytime we did something "fun," we had to share with our siblings. This is so "Middle Child Syndrome," but that's what I am... I always wanted to just do something special by myself. No, not alone... with somebody special, Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, whatever. I just didn't want to share with my siblings. I'm very sensitive to that idea as an adult, which is why I like to single out my nieces and nephews for special one on one time if and when I can. You know, the experiences of our life are what shapes us into who we are.

Anyway, last week I had the pleasure of spending a special day with Esther. She is so darling! She is all about animals and that is right up my alley! So I took her to Rene'e and Lee's farm to enjoy a couple hours of good, down-home fun at the farm.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two big anxious dogs who just wanted to love her right up. She was not the least bit afraid of them. She petted them and hugged them and they followed her at her heals. Inside the barn she met the kitties, Chester and Annabelle. Annabelle chose to sleep through the visit while Chester couldn't get enough of Essie's attention. She really loved the kitties. We fed the horses carrots and the goat too. We brushed Duke, dusted off an old childs riding helmet, put a saddle on the horse, and set out for a walk around the yard. Again... she was so brave! We walked all around the yard, up and down some hills, into the field, and back around again. It was wonderful. When we were done she told me she could get down herself. Uhhhhh... No. Too far down. So we put him away, fed him some more carrots, and cleaned the stalls. She's a real trooper when it comes to chores. She did a fine job. She's a natural when it comes to this stuff. After the barn was clean, we headed for the house.

At the house she greeted Rene'e with a heartfelt "Thank you for letting me ride your horse." Rene'e assures us that she is welcome to come ride again any time she's in town. We also pet the little doggy at the house, Speedy.

We washed up and headed out for the golden arches. I asked her, "If you were going out for lunch, where would you want to go?" Her reply "Um, I don't know." So I persisted "If you were going out to a special lunch, where would you go?" Her reply "Um, I don't know.... with you?" Awwww... I suggested McDonalds and she was all about that!

It was an excellent time. I enjoyed chatting with her about all sorts of things and she was so excited to go play with the animals. I'm glad that we got to spend some special time together. I need to do that with the others soon too.


Jane said...

I am sure that even when she is an old lady with great grandchildren, Ester will remember this day with joy!

Wendy said...

This was definately a highlight of Esthers made her feel so special to be the only one with all the attention. She does seem to crave it more than the other two...I suppose I will have to indulge her more:)