Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Is Coming

Yes, my friends, Christmas Is Coming! Yippie! We were affectionately reminded in church today... the third Sunday of Advent... that Christ not only brings us Joy and Hope, but Peace. How true that is!

Have you decorated? I've been decorating little by little over the past couple of weeks. It started with stockings being hung, and a big beautiful wreath on our door... some garland on the banister... some festive this's and that's here and there. Today I decorated a tiny tree. The last 2 years we had NO tree. Our apartment in Wilmore had no room for such an item and last year we were in the midst of a move for the holiday season. I wanted to get a great big live tree this year, but we are unsure of how our feline friends will take to it. Instead, we settled on a small artificial tree. I accidentally picked up the one that came with pre-lit "colored" lights. That is NOT my preference. I like white lights. Oops. Oh well, far be it from me to return such an item when Walmart is already a zoo. We shall enjoy the colors this year. Perhaps next year I'll swap bulbs? Who knows?

It's fun to buy gifts at Christmas time, but it's hard to do it on a budget. I need to get better with budgeting early in the year to make way for more at the end. We cheerfully and carefully select one special present for each of our eight nieces and nephews. This year is a "game" year, but shhhhh don't tell them! They are all surprises! Actually, the youngest nephew is too little for games, so he gets an age appropriate toy. We really wish that we could shower them all with lots of presents, but we are committed to keeping a budget at the Vulhop household and thus we are limited. I think I shall go spend some time with my hubby... who is likely watching football. Any time with him is cherished... sports or no sports! I'll post pictures another time. Have a splendid afternoon!

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