Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Morning After...

Credentials... YIPPIE... YEH... This is the day I pretend to work! Does someone actually think that I am working at the moment?! HA! Ok Ok, maybe I'll do some work, but not like the past week. I did some OT last week, so today I'm compensating for it. Ahhhhhhhh... feels good to relax. I love the morning after Credentials. And... I think the office is going OUT for lunch today. We love to do that!

Keith is off today. He's doing some more work on his friends house. It is a really beautiful day, sunny and quite unseasonably warm. I love it. What a blessing! If only I could go to Rene'e's tonight -- that would make for a perfect day. BUT - as it goes, I think that today it is not happening. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon and then some duties to tend to at home. Tomorrow??? (I can't believe I'm letting such a wonderful day for riding pass by!) I hope this weather holds out for a while longer.

I'm shopping for plane tickets! We are going to Palm Springs! I can't wait! While all my friends and family are suffering through what will likely be one of the coldest times of the year... Keith and I will be soakin' up the rays in sunny California! Actually, I will be spending a day and a half in a seminar while Keith hangs out with his sister & brother in law. I'll have about a day and a half of extra time for visiting as well. Since I'm going for work, my travel expenses will be covered. We only need to cover Keith's expenses. This was too good to be true!

Okay... so maybe I should actually do something before lunch? Have a wonderful day!

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