Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Beginnings

Ok, so I'm a little behind in posting my "New Years Resolutions" and such. I've been so under the weather that I just haven't been up to anything, much less internet stuff.

So today I'm feeling better than I have felt for a whole week. I'm still a little clogged and I have a cough, but I finally feel like the medicine is starting to work. (after almost 6 days of treatment)

So what will this new year bring? What are my aspirations? I like to keep it simple. Here are the top items, in no particular order:

1) Spiritual Dedication - More listening in my prayers instead of asking so much. More digging in the Word and applying it and not so much just reading over it. More involvement at church. We have been faithful attendees, but need to join in on some activities to get to know some more people a little better.

2) Health Related - Back on the "Kick The Pig" journal. Watch my cholesterol and such. Get moving! The goal is not so much to lose weight, but just eat healthier and move more.

3) Budget - Budget - Budget - We did a preliminary budget the other night and realize that we are wasting A LOT! Unless I made a serious miscalculation or mistake... we are wasting! I have prayed consistently for the means to give more generously as my heart desires... and now I see that maybe all along I could be doing that if I only stuck to the budget. So - we are off to a good start with a fresh budget. We are eager to reap the benefits.

So hats off to another year of blessings.

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