Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trying To Catch Up

I have been under the weather for almost a week. On New Year's Eve I came down with this nasty cold and have been miserable ever since. On Tuesday I went to the doctor and got some medicine, but so far it's only making very minimal improvements. I feel as if I need a nose transplant and maybe a couple of lungs too. OUCH... my nose is chapped and even the lotion kleenexes hurt. This sickness is so annoying. One minute my head and chest are heavy with congestion and no way to relieve it. The next minute my sinuses are running like a faucet with no way to stop it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope that Keith doesn't get this, especially as we are approaching our trip to the West Coast!

The week was full of excitement with the Blairs... Congratulations are in order! We have a new niece - Annabelle Louise. See Mom's blog for more lovely pictures. We haven't been able to meet her yet due to the germs that we are unwilling to share. Hopefully I'll be better soon so I can hold her. Rumor has it that her big sister is the proudest of all! What a precious blessing!

In other news, Dad finally retired. After I don't know how many years of hard work, he's finally able to hang the old hat. Well, he keeps a collection of other hats for every day wear. Many thanks to my dad for all those years of supporting the family and making sure we had everything we needed. My most vivid memory of his work was when we were able to go on his trucking runs with him. I didn't always stay awake for the entire trip, but I had a good time riding in the big truck. Maybe that's why I've always wanted to be a dump truck driver? I hope that he is able to get healthier and enjoy life for years to come.

This week is the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Oh how I wish I could go. There is so much to see there. I have been watching snipits of it on the PCN (cable) this morning. I saw the high school rodeo and even recognized some kids that are locals. I would be most interested in seeing the tractor square dance, which is scheduled for Friday. I hope they have it on cable. Neat! When I was in high school we went there for annual FFA field trips. There is a state FFA convention during the same week. Also the state Dairy Princess has a part in some of the celebrations at the Show. There is a giant butter sculpture that is always an eye catcher. Here is a picture of the 2006 sculpture.

So maybe I'll be able to go in years to come? Who knows? I don't know if Keith would enjoy it like I would, but one day I will go visit the State Farm Show again. For now, I'm enjoying it via cable. That shall suffice.

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Marci said...

They do the big butter sculpture at the Ohio State Fair as well. There is always a full size cow and then something else.