Friday, February 23, 2007

Dark Clouds

I feel as though a storm has rolled into our lives. It seems that we are welling up with prayer requests. God sure will be busy this week!

Just to sum it up in short order:

  • Dad has been having health problems

  • Aunt Joy is in the hospital

  • Jim cut his pinkie finger completely off this week

  • Uncle Ken (K's uncle) had quadruple bypass surgery this week

  • David hurt his wrist pretty bad

  • The Farmer's Market where I used to work burned down this week

  • Our furnace quit working again today

  • I've been on the edge of my seat all week as the Hospital's state licensure survey was in process

Uh... if you are either related to me or a very close friend, you might want to just take some extra precautions in all areas of your life. It seems that the bad news is raining down on us... How crazy that it comes all at once.

Regardless, God is good and will see us through each of these. Just to give you some updates -

  • Uncle Ken is reportedly recovering well.

  • Jim gave the nurse 'the finger', (he he he) and he had surgery but they could not save it. He's home now and must be well as he is joking as usual. Maybe our prayers should be for Mom Hudson putting up with him? LOL Keith says "It's a good thing he has health insurance. It could have cost him an arm and a leg too!" (That's my hubby... Mr. Funny)

  • David's wrist is not supposedly broken, but he's in bad shape. It's really swollen and he cannot use it. He has to go for an MRI. Chrissy and Jamie and I have been helping out with milking the cows. This takes me back to days gone by. I love it, but brrrrr... so cold this time of year. But hey - I'll take this over the heat of the summer any day.

  • I understand that the Market's farmers (at least some of them) will be making arrangements to somehow accommodate their customers despite their lack of a building.

  • Wow, our furnace just came on for the first time all day. I wonder how long that will last? I think maybe our landlord might be looking to replace the ol' dinosaur for us. Hopefully soon.

  • I haven't heard the final say on the result of our licensure survey for work, but... when it was our turn for scrutiny, they sure did knit-pick on some things. Of course our files were in perfect order, but they found little this's and that's to pick on. I suppose if they did not, then it would look like they were not doing their jobs.

So that's what's happening in my neck of the woods. I should also report a few delightful things...

  • Our niece Annabelle will be baptised this weekend!

  • Our friends, the Barnetts, had a baby boy last week. They were our bestest neighbors ever - people who lived next door to us in Wilmore.

  • Another family friend is preparing to travel abroad to pick up their new daughter from Guatemala. I cannot wait to hold her!!!!

See... it can't all be bad. I just feel badly for those who are in predicaments.


Jane said...

I have been experiencing much the same sort of thing. It seems like all around me people are having trauma or high stress in their lives. Lots of things to pray for!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

YIKES! What a week you have had! I'm glad that most of the issues have been resolved but man.. I can't imagine your stress level this week!

Here's hoping this coming week is boring boring boring.