Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Ramblings

We have privacy in our dining room! We haven't had window treatments in the dining room since we moved in. The lighting in this picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. Hubby and I had a date yesterday. We really didn't have anything exciting planned except hanging out together. The house is a little chilly as the furnace isn't working, so we opted to just get out and spend our time shopping around. We really didn't have much of a budget, but we found these bamboo blinds at Ikea for a really good price. We like them and it makes us feel like our travels were purposeful.
In other ideas floating around my head this morning... I was watching tv this morning - cooking shows are my favorite. I have decided that I'd like to visit The Lady & Son's restaurant when we go on vacation. It's amazing what you have to do to get a reservation there. I have heard that she makes the best southern fried chicken. There is just something about southern food that is appealing. Anyway, Savannah is only about an hours drive from where we will be staying. I think that is a doable distance to travel for a day of enjoyment in a landmark southern spot.
We rented FOUR movies last night:
  • Napoleon Dynomite
  • Sybil
  • Spanglish
  • Young Frankenstein

We watched Spanglish last night. I thought it was supposed to be a funny movie. It had some funny parts and actually I was surprised that the story was better than I expected, but I didn't think it was all that funny. Next we popped in Napoleon Dynomite. I saw until shortly after the dude shoots a cow infront of the schoolbus full of kids. After a little chuckle, I closed my eyes and missed the rest. Oh well, we have 7 days to try again.

Brrr... how about this ice storm? I'm disappointed that I did not think to pick up some rock salt yesterday when we were out. Hopefully it warms up outside so we won't need it so much. On days like today, I am quite grateful for having a garage. Now that's a luxury that I never thought I'd want. I was used to life without it. The sad thing is that once you have a garage, there's no turning back! You HAVE TO HAVE one from that point on or your life is just too frustrating!!!! Now I wish that we had one for K's car too. Someday...

I really want to put a bird feeder outside our front window. Crystal so loves chirping at the birds. She deserves to have something to draw them nearer to her perch. In KY, we had a full length glass screen door. She would hunker down in front of it and chirp at the birds and squirrels. She LOVED it and she misses that special treat here in PA. Again... someday...

I made a coffee cake this morning for Keith. Baking something helps take the edge of the chill in our house. We understand that the landlord has made arrangements for a new furnace to be installed on Monday. I understand that it is supposed to be a "high-efficiency" model, which is fantastic. I guess we aren't getting central air, but we can't have it all. We are quite thankful for this provision.

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