Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pastor Dave's Handy Tips for A Happy Marriage

Our pastor made us write these down... we have lived by these and can report that they are very beneficial. I'm also adding some of my own comments to eleborate on what we've learned. (in red)

  1. Include God. And Pray together. As each grows closer to God you will grow closer to one another.
  2. Have daily small-talk. And practice listening.
  3. Have a game-plan for fighting. And a plan for making up.
  4. Have a confidante. Someone who respects you both.
  5. Dream & talk about the future. Record cherished memories, milestones, answered prayers, etc.
  6. Have a maintenance plan including a yearly review and assessment of accomplishments. And be deliberate about it.
  7. This one is our own... never depart one another's company without a kiss and an "I love you."

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