Saturday, February 17, 2007

Keeping Warm

Keith was off Friday and again today. Good for me because I have hardly seen him these last couple of weeks. We had a nice dinner with Amanda and John last night. Aside from that, we had no plans despite the desire to make some. I'm sick again, so my level of enjoyment is of little significance. So we rented a couple of movies and stayed in.

As luck would have it, the furnace is not working this morning. We've been wondering how long it would hold out. It's pretty old. We hate to call the landlord, but this being a potential large ticket item, we must. Ugh. One good thing for us, if we do actually buy this place, it just may come with a new furnace. So here we sit, surrounded by cuddly blankets. We have a space heater that does a good job. Sitting around the space heater is like sitting by the campfire, only inside and there is no flame. It's not THAT cold in here, but enough to know that the furnace isn't working.

I'm going to bake something. Maybe cookies... or a cake... who knows? This is something I learned from my Granny. She baked all winter long to help keep her home roasty toasty. She was so smart... using her gas to its fullest potential. It won't warm us up to par, but will probably take the edge off. More peanut butter cookies are Keith's request.... so more peanut butter cookies I will bake.

Ok - I suppose I must get to it already. I also have some errands to run, but maybe later as we are awaiting the furnace guy's visit.

Keep warm everybody!!!!

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