Sunday, February 04, 2007

R&R Where Its Warm

An interesting friend...

Moe Moe keeps me company, but I don't think he likes it! The doggies sleep... Moe Moe

and Speedy.

I just realized that I did not get pictures of all the big doggies. Hmm... there were some pretty funny shots too. CJ went out this morning, layed belly up in the snow, and wiggled back and forth. He LOVED it! And it was like 10 degrees! I think that's why I didn't take any more pictures... too cold!

I watched a few movies while snuggled into the recliner with a throw blanket and a hot beverage. Movies included:
  • Walk The Line
  • Harry Potter
  • Brokeback Mountain (didn't like it)
  • The Guardian

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