Sunday, February 04, 2007

Retreat Weekend Comes To An End

This morning began bright and early. The temperature was ZERO when I got up to let the dogs out. The little dogs wanted no parts of it - too early and too cold. The big doggies were happy to get out and were even somewhat reluctant to come back in. Never the less, I called until they all came in, then I snuggled back into bed for another hour or two of sleep.

I put coffee on to brew while I went out to feed the birds. The dogs all accompanied me, even the little ones. Brrr... honkin brrrr... by this time it was about 15 degrees maybe. After returning for a cup of joe with Keith, I bundled up and headed for the barn.

The horses were delighted to see me and the kitties scampered frantically in sweet anticipation of having some warm water with their breakfast. I put one flake of hay out for each of the horses and let them out to frolic while I cleaned their stalls. Frozen water buckets and frozen terds... Ahhh... winter at its finest! I cleaned all of the stalls, filled their buckets with fresh water, and put 2 more generous flakes of hay in each stall. After fussing with this and that, tossing some fresh hay down, and sweeping the floor, I let them all back into the barn and closed it up for the day. It's just way too cold to have them out in it and the goat cannot bear the winter wind if we leave the door open.

I checked them again at about 3pm. Their water had started to freeze and they had drank most of it anyway. I re-filled their buckets and picked their stalls once again. I wanted everything to be fresh, clean, and ahead of the game when Rene'e and Lee got back.

They made it back safe and sound. Shortly thereafter Keith and I set out for home. Mmmmm.... what a lovely weekend it was. I had some quiet time. I wrote in my journal. I snuggled and watched movies. I needed that kind of weekend. I love being there. I don't do that enough. Thanks Rene'e.

So... this concludes my retreat weekend. I think I'll snuggle with my hubby a little more and get a good nights sleep before I have to brave the real world tomorrow.


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Jane said...

You are a great writer! This sounds like a modern Walden's Pond almost.