Saturday, March 24, 2007

Date Night - Pittsburgh

Last night was a "Date Night" for us. Since we joined the Fitness Center earlier this week, our date had to be on a minimal budget. Highlight's of our date:

  1. Run-around to some other Starbuck's to get lids for hot cups for Keith's store and deliver there.

  2. Satisfy odd craving for fish at Long John Silvers.

  3. Chat about music while eating.

  4. Start driving into Pittsburgh with no destination in mind.

  5. Find our way across town to Station Square and decide to ride the Duquesne Incline. This was Keith's first ride on such a mode of transportation. I rode it once while on a field trip in 7th grade.

  6. Hubby makes me one of those squashed pennies with a picture of the Incline on it. (I collect those) Not much else to do at the top of the hill unless a fancy dinner place is in order. Already had dinner and on strict budget. Rainy and dark is no time for exploring on foot. Unaware of any alternative ideas... ride the incline back down. Check out the informational posters and such in the building.

  7. Back in the car... decide to explore in Pittsburgh at 10 PM. (What is wrong with us?) Find ourselves on Carson Street in South Side. Punks and drunks everywhere... very interesting surroundings. Would make prime "People Watching" spot if I were not driving!

  8. Choices: Homestead or Oakland... Hmmm... No choice is desirable, but I pick Oakland over Homestead any day.

  9. Find our way back into downtown and near the Mellon Arena. Oh wow! I recognize this area. Many speeding flashing cops drive by in a furry. "Let's get outa here!"

  10. We cross the Liberty Bridge and find our way home via Route 28.

  11. Home at last. I crash while hubby does last minute laundry needed for Saturday morning.

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