Saturday, March 24, 2007

The History Of JennyV - Take 2

I'm trying to remember exactly when this was. There is no date on the photo. I was working for the horse trainer at the time so maybe... 1990ish? The horse's name is "Cinder." She belonged to a lady who boarded horses at a farm close by and I was afforded the opportunity to ride this horse quite often. I'm a little bit puzzled as to why I was not riding my horse at the time. I can't remember.
One summer the trainer organized a trail ride for all her friends, clients, and those who worked at the farm. This took place at Crooked Creek Horse Park in Ford City. I don't remember exactly how many people went on this ride, maybe 30 or so. I'm fairly certain that my parents had no idea that I was doing this.
The trails at this park cross plenty of large streams and wind up and down steep hills in a forrest type atmosphere. Likewise, we had a little bit of road to cover and could catch a glimpse of the lake at one point in the ride. I'm guessing that we rode for a good 8 hours this day. I'm not sure how many miles we covered though. I have heard that the Horseman's Association there has organized rides frequently, but I haven't been back for one since.
It was a grand time with absolutely perfect riding weather. I'd love to do this again one day.


odat_kim said...

You look really happy (if that's you on the horse). I know riding makes you happy, it's good exercise too.

Jthemilker said...

Yes it's me and yes I was quite happy. There was a time when I rode my horse every single day regardless of the weather. I so wish I could do that now.