Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Floors

Well folks, Keith is at it again... NEW FLOORING!!!

First, my good friend Jill found us some really nice plush carpet second hand, but in mint condition. AND I actually knew the guy that was getting rid of it. Jill and Aaron helped load and haul it to our house and now we must get the other needed items for installation and find and installer. Any volunteers? We expected it to be tan colored, but as it goes it's more like off white. I'm thinking... hmmm... that is a pretty light color for us. Well, we don't have any kids so maybe that's okay... But did I mention that it was FREE!!!! No complaining!!!! I'm thrilled!!! There is enough to do our giant living room and the dining room too, or maybe a couple of bedrooms... Hmmm... decisions decisions...

Next item of business, we got some new linoleum for the kitchen floor. Keith has spent a great deal of time this evening on his knees... chipping up the old nasty kitchen tile. I asked him if he could chip up one whole piece without breaking it and we could make a wall hanging out of it. He was NOT amused!!! Ha ha ha... but to see the look of disbelief was so worth it!

We are not shelling out top dollar for repairs and improvements on this house. We simply are seeking to make it more presentable. These simple improvements keep Keith busy and brighten the place so very much. We have been chipping away at it little by little for the past year.

Obviously I'll post pictures of the finished product in the days to come. Oh and you might be surprised how nicely the new kitchen floor compliments the color of the dining room.

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