Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things That Make You Go "Mmmmm"

One of the most lovely pleasures... Something that says "You are a good wife" is when my hubby comes home after a long day of work and the first words he mutters on the way up the stairs is "Mmmmmmmm something smells REALLY good." Then comes reassurance after the taste, "Oh Wow! That's fantastic Honey." I love it when I cook and he likes it. It just makes me feel good inside, like I've done something right. It's not the taste that I personally delight in, it's his response. I suppose that I am one of those wives that hunger for positive affirmation??? I don't know.

I've experimented with soups lately. First was broccoli cheese (the Velveta recipe) YUM-O, but also a killer for the diet conscious. To the opposite extreme... dieter's delight... Homemade beef vegetable soup. (pronouced in sylables as Granny always did "VEG -E-TA-BLE") I've made it twice. YUM-O-O. One day he said to me "You know what I would really like for a snack? Another bowl of your yummy soup." Oh my heart flutters... HE LIKES IT!!! He REALLY likes it!!! How grand!!!

So this week I'm on to another soup. Don't ask me why, it's just that soup is a good choice this time of year when we are still feeling the chill of the season. This weeks pot was not entirely bad, but not as diet friendly as the vegetable variety. This week was potato soup.

First, I cleaned and chopped a whole 5 pound bag of gold potatoes and boiled them until tender. As they were draining, I sauted a ton of onion and celery (with the tops) in some butter. To that I added two pieces of lean bacon diced fine and about a half cup of diced turkey ham (left over from another night's dinner) When the bacon seemed to be well cooked, I sprinkled in some flour... then added some milk... and finally the potatoes, reserving about a quarter of them for a potato salad. (see how I do that... saves time tomorrow) It needed a pinch of salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper. I use Sea Salt. It's supposed to be better for you. Simmer simmer simmer, and Ta-Da... my first pot of potato soup is finished. I served it with a thick slice of Olive Oil bread. Triple Yum-O-O-O.
Anyway, it's just nice to know that he appreciates it when I cook for him. It makes me feel good.

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