Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Whirlwind Of A Week

The Valentines were here to visit this past week. It was a grand time with plenty of smiles and maybe some mixed attitudes and temper tantrums, but just the same full of hugs and special comments and moments to remember. So here are some highlights from my perspective...

Essie: "Aunt J.J. I wish I could stay here and live by you."

Me: "But what about your Grandma and Grandpa Valentine and your Aunt Chris and Uncle Cliff? Wouldn't you miss them?"

Essie: "Um, I could call them sometimes."


  • I had a farm-night with Essie. She cleaned the stalls, held the kitties, pet the doggy, brushed the horses, and rode the mule!
  • I had a date with Isaac. We went to Ichiban for lunch and then spent a couple of hours bowling and playing video games. He's quite the gentleman... holding the doors for me and being so thankful for some special time with his Aunt.
  • Gaylie greeted me bright and early each morning. She's so very sweet.
  • Elijah is his Mother's boy. I held him a little, but look forward to days ahead when he will be more outgoing and wanting to go on a date with his Aunt J.J.
  • The girl-cousins had a little sleep over at our house on Friday night while the boy-cousins did the same at their Grandparents home.
  • The girls watched Barbie, ate popcorn, baked and decorated cookies, painted their nails and toenails and primped for a night on the town... (the retirement dinner)
  • Uncle Keith complained about the level of estrogen in our home commenting that he could feel his bra size increasing. HA!
  • Mom & Dad had the family all together for a special retirement dinner on Saturday. It was delightful. We took pictures afterwards, but Dad had already escaped to the car, so he missed out on that part.

The family has departed and is likely home by now or at least all most. It was a delightful visit. So-long until summer Valentines...

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