Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I saw the above bed-in-a-bag ensemble advertised at Target for only $55. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am too cheap to spend a lot of money on such things, but $55 is actually a REALLY good price for all that comes with this. AND... I have a special fund where I have saved a few dollars to splurge on something just like this!

I am annoyed because I have stopped at Target TWICE and they don't even have this line of "Classic" comforter sets, much less the exact one pictured. So I thought I'd order it online... NOPE... SOLD OUT! UGH!!!!

If you have ever caught a glimpse of our master bedroom... you would understand why we NEED this. It's not the haven that it should be. We are piecing it together, but this is a long drawn out process.

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Kimmers said...

This post is the truth...I am not saying this to make you feel better....
When we moved to Cincy we got this bedding online as I wanted to match the colors in our master bath....The comforter started pulling apart right away. I sent it back and they sent me a new one and it did the same thing so I sent it back. We just used it in a normal way. We have no kids and we did not even sleep with the comforter, and it still started to pull apart. Plus it looks much cheaper in real life.