Monday, March 24, 2008

Blessings Monday

I have been blessed with the presence of horses in my life. That might seem like a silly thing, but they are true blessings... creations of God... and have been a great source of companionship and learning opportunities over the years.

Sugarfoot was the pony we had when I was a child. She was a grey Welsh pony. I have but ONE photo of her somewhere. There was a time that I rode her almost daily. One time we were riding in a forbidden place... the CORNFIELD. Wendy was on the pony and riding the length of the rows that towered well over our heads. I reached through the row and gave the pony a good smack on the rump and she took off like a rocket! ACROSS the rows of corn and galloped through the neighbor's yard (another forbidden place) with Wendy screaming for her life. I laughed really hard! WOW, whatta ride! Sorry, cant' find the photo. It's here somewhere.

Storm was a gift from Dr. McKelvy. She invited me to her place to ride for a summer day and I glady soaked up every minute of it. There was a huge pasture field behind the barn where I would ride down down down to the bottom and gallop him through the valley and up the hill towards the barn. A few bags of carrots later he was mine for the rest of his life. Preparations were made. Dad put in an electric fence and he and Paul built an A-frame shelter. I was in business!

As Storm aged, I was afforded the opportunity to acquire Magnium. He was probably the most impressionable of them all. There are years of stories to tell of my Magnium. We traveled the world... well, the local world. We went places my parents would have never dreamed I would be. I crossed the 4 lane highway and rode to Saxonburg. I rode from sun-up to sun-down as far as Mars, Evans City, and sometimes Renfrew. Yes that horse had MILES on him. Once he was in the school play "Camelot." I took him in the building and he walked across the stage with a knight on his back. How cool is that! I bid him farewell after a good many years, sending him off to bigger and better things with other people. Rumor has it that he now resides in Poland, OH. He's the horse all the kids argue over who gets to ride him and occasionally he gets out of his fence and walks the streets of Poland munching on the neighbors flower gardens. I miss him.

Then came Penny... She was born right into my arms! That was the most awesome thing. I will never forget. She grew fast and strong despite not having consumed enough colostrum (mother's first milk) in the beginning. The vet said she had about a quarter of the antibodies that she needed, but she soon recovered. I handled her much and bathed her often as a youngster and too this day she LOVES water! She'll even let you spray her face and will try to drink from the hose. She is quirky. She gets way down and scratches her belly on the ground like nothing I've ever seen. It's borderline obscene! When I moved to KY, I sold her to a lady that told me (upon delivery) that she knew the moment she saw her that her name should be "Dixie." Hmph. I told my friend on the way home that I suppose if she paid for her she can call her whatever she wants. It's kind of like me calling up K's mom and saying I'm going to start calling him Bob. What gives!?! Anyway, it didn't work out and she gave her back... that's when she came to Kentucky. She has lived at various stables but is currently at Asbury Equine Center in Kentucky. I have high hopes to bring her home this summer.

Horses are such unique and wonderful creatures. They are habitual and affectionate. They each have their own personalities. I learned to put their needs before my own. One has to feed and water and care for them. I learned that they long for attention just like little girls do. I became a responsible adult as a result of some of the things I learned.
I dream of the day when I can have my own stable. Nothing huge, just a little place. I'd like to have 2 or 3 horses or ponies. I'd like to share them with children that need something to do to keep out of trouble and who need an outlet to learn about God and to teach them how to become responsible individuals. Something like Crystal Peaks. Read about it. It's awesome! I want to do that! AND... I'd like to have a cute quiet little pony for my nieces and nephews to ride when they visit. Joyce used to enjoy visiting the stable and I know Essie is head over heals for it! I wish I could share that with them more.

And yes... I have a "thing" for palominos!

I am so blessed and look forward to a lifetime and an eternity of blessings. God is so good! Marcie over at Amazing Graze farm hosts this weekly forum to share our blessings. Post yours and then head on over and join in so we can all read of your blessings.


Marci said...

I like horses, but have not been around them enough to love them. The young woman our son is marrying is a big horse lover as her mom was.

I love the picture of Penny with her mom running.

Thanks for sharing your friends!!!

Kimmers said...

Well my mother in law was horrible at first. But after a lot of prayer
and some heated discussions things are good.
That is way this trip was such a blessing...I got to see my in laws
in a new light!
Thanks for the comment...Kim