Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back-woodsy Cookin

I found this book in the basement "Southern Living The Deep South Cookbook" published in 1972. That's before I was born!

I was perusing the pages and immediately turned my nose up at all of the fish-related dishes, namely "Festive Fillets with Sauerkraut." Um, I don't like fish to begin with but pair it with sauerkraut... that's just wrong!

It seems that the South must be big on alternative meats... you know... rabbit, dove, quail... they really like squirrel... and even raccoon & opossum! Here's some of what I found: (click on the recipe if you are really interested in it)

Apparently squirrel is like chicken! You can make it a thousand different ways! I don't think I'll be using this cookbook any time soon but it sure has been amusing!

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