Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sneak-Peak Sunday

Hope ya'll had a very nice weekend. Ours was very good. Here is a sneak-peak...

  • Up early and into Butler for my Girls Group - was a fabulous time! Love my lady-friends! I'm so blessed by them.
  • Shopped at Target in Butler. Disappointed again. They had the bed-spread I wanted, but only in a King Size and I need a Queen. Finally succumbed to the idea that I am not meant to have said bedding.
  • Found some new really cheap and rather elegant place mats. That made my day and hubby approved commenting that they really accentuate our dining room decor.
  • Re-organized my coupon box, purged expired coupons, planned sales shopping for the weekend.
  • Shopped deals at Rite-aid as per previous post.
  • Established next weeks menu plan & calendar notes
  • Washed dishes... and there are still more!
  • Made BBQ pork ribs in the crock-pot for dinner. Got the thumbs up from Handy-hubby. Yumm-O! I love my crock-pot!
  • Went on a date with Handy-Hubby. Saw a movie.
  • Fell fast-asleep in the arms of my man...


  • Went to church. Was a lovely worship service. I adored the hymns we sang this morning as they were tunes which I was well familiar with.
  • Picked up this weeks Giant Eagle gift-card for grocery budget. Our church purchases grocery gift-cards in bulk and in advance. The stores sell them for 10% less than the value so the church can use them as a fund-raiser. Then I purchase it for face-value and use them to do my shopping. Costs me the same amount, helps me keep within my established budget, and helps the church in return! Each week I purchase a $50 gift-card for Giant Eagle and the church gets $5 of that! It's an awesome plan! Although the church has to purchase like $10,000 at one time to do this, but it is so worth it. It supports our building fund. AND... we can also use the gift-cards to purchase other gift-cards at Giant Eagle if we choose.
  • Picked up this weeks groceries. Took Handy-hubby with me. I really should have learned the last time that he doesn't help the budget. He is like shopping with a child... "can I get this?... that?" UGH! But I love when we go together. Also - I don't usually shop on Sunday. It's a mad-house and I have other more important aspirations for our day of rest. In the future... I shall wait and shop on a week-night.
  • Picked up this weeks newspaper with coupons. I don't read the paper. I just get it for the coupons.
  • Hubby watched some of the Nascar race while I clipped those coupons and organized them.
  • Took a 90 minute nap. Shared it with the kitty.... Crystal. It was quite refreshing.
  • Washed some clothes. Folded some clothes. Washed some more!
  • Exercised
  • Tinkered with some work-related things
  • Blogged

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