Saturday, March 01, 2008

Groceries Next???

It's just too busy to shop at the grocery on Saturday. PLUS - I like to buy grocery gift-cards at church because it helps the church and spends the same for me!

I check the ads for both local supermarkets, Giant Eagle and Shop N Save. I don't really care for SNS and find that sometimes their selection is lacking variety. I purused the ads and decided that this week I will only shop at GE. I have plenty of meat in the freezer, so I will just be grabbing some fresh produce, bread, milk, and a few good sale items.

Lipton Rice & Noodle packs, Betty Crocker Potatoes & Helpers are all $1.00 each. Those toaster strudels that everyone LOVES are $2 each. I have COUPONS for these items that will likely be doubled! ALL detergent is $4 each and if you buy $15 total on certain items in the flyer, you get a $5 credit towards your next purchase.

Ok - that's all I've got on deals this week! Have a great week!!!

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