Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sneak-Peak Sunday

It's Palm Sunday... and as our pastor put it this morning... it was the first time in history that God's people realized with fervance that they were in the presence of the King... HOSANNA!!! BLESSED BE THE LORD!!!

How exciting is that!!!

Some sneak peaks of our weekend:

  • Woke up REALLY early on Saturday. Thought maybe Amanda and I might go to the Strip for some early AM shopping. Soon realized that it probably wasn't the best time to head to the city with the St. Patrick's Day parade in town. Not to mention that Hillary Clinton was in town and that made for a lot of hoopla... UGH. Arg! Needless to say, we decided not to go this weekend.
  • Keith worked Saturday all day and is closing the store tonight. :(
  • I did my usual Saturday planning and shopping. Our pantry is well stocked. I can't wait for the church to announce their need for donations for the college kids. I'm READY!
  • Working on laundry... WOW... so much of it!
  • Watched some tv off and on
  • Cleaned the downstairs bathroom.
  • Cleaned the upstairs bathroom/tub.
  • Went to church (obviously).
  • Dishes need done... Ugh another never ending task
  • Made Cincinatti Chili-Spaghetti for dinner last night. Note to self: Whole Wheat spaghetti is great, but not for Chili-Spaghetti.
  • Made a brunch fritatta today - yummy.
  • Organized my coupon box. I got some sticky tabs at Walmart for a very reasonable price. I've labeled my categories a little better. Now I'm clipping the coupons from today's paper.
  • Gathered the trash from upstairs and put in the can. Tonight's garbage night in our town.

That's about it. Nothing fantastic or exciting going on. Just doing some intermittent cleaning. I see a lot of bloggers are well into "Spring Cleaning" right now. I'd love to be on that wagon, but it's just not happening.

One more thing... A friend of ours is moving. It's a move that is a significant distance. I'd like to put together a package for him. He's a bachelor. He's not moving into or out of our area, so I'm not familar with businesses in his area. Hmmm... cleaning supplies? Home made goodies? Essentials? Snacks? Any ideas on what would be good items to send him?

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