Monday, March 17, 2008

Blessings Monday

We have been blessed with hand-me-down dining tables!!! When we lived in the farm-house, we used the dining room table that was already in the house. A former co-worker of mine handed-down a nice small country-style table, which we used in Kentucky. Unfortunately one of the legs broke shortly after we moved back to Pennsylvania. Another friend of ours handed-down another table with chairs. This was a small round table that would seat 4 people comfortably. This past fall, we were blessed with yet a THIRD table that K's dad brought to us. This is a country style, pine varnished table that has leaves that expand it to seat up to 10 people comfortably. We don't need that big of a table most of the time, but BOY is it nice to have for holidays! I love it!

We have been so blessed with hand-me-down tables. I'm hoping this last one will last a life-time. We still have the small round table and its chairs, so we have plenty of seating for parties and holidays in the future.
Marci over at Amazing Graze Farm hosts this weekly discussion. C'mon over, take a look, and tell us of your blessings!


Marci said...

That is a great blessing. Our table opens out and takes 3 leaves. Thanks for taking part.

Lady_MSnow said...

Aren't hand me downs of any kind a blessings?!

Kimmers said...

We got our table as a gift and love it. However in this house it is so big that it takes up the whole room! Thank you for posting your blessings.