Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sneak Peak Sunday

Ok so the weekend has been rather uneventful except for the moment that Crystal got into a shopping bag that I put some trash into and left in the kitchen. She somehow slipped her head through the handle and of course the bag was stuck around her body. The moment she moved she was trailing trash and OHHHHHHHHHH the drama. It startled me and I ran downstairs to find the commotion in motion. Quickly I scooped her up to console and her little heart was going pitter-patter way faster than usual! I actually had to cut it off of her. Now I'm not in the habit of leaving such hazardous situations in our home. As frightful as it was... it still brought a smidge of a chuckle. Silly kitty... shouldn't be getting into the trash! And not actually something of her general character either. Hmm...

Anyway... some sneak peaks of our weekend:

  • Saturday we both slept in - for once! It was fabulous!

  • He worked Saturday afternoon

  • I did my weekly shopping spree Saturday afternoon

  • Got a call from Rene'e about a POSSIBILITY of bringing Penny home to a new location. Hasn't been confirmed and trying not to keep my hopes up in case it doesn't pan out. Still praying for a good spot to keep her.

  • Laundry Laundry Laundry

  • Dishes Dishes Dishes

  • Yes laundry and dishes at our house mostly wait for the weekend to be done. That's life when we both work full time plus. Oh well.

  • Made the menu for the upcoming week

  • Cleaned the bathrooms - scrubbed the toilet, sinks, mirrors, etc.

  • Cleaned the kitchen - scrubbed the counters, sink, stove, microwave, etc.

  • Took out the trash

  • Cleaned the litter boxes

  • Exercised (both days)

  • Cooked - Maple Ham and scalloped potatoes with green beens.

  • Cooked - Beef roast with mashed potatoes and peas.

  • Cleaned the dining room table and washed the table cloth (needed done badly)

  • Shredded some documents

  • scanned some photos

  • Pre-wrote some blog posts for the upcoming week

  • Devotions - prepping for my next Girls Group night

It's been a good weekend. I cannot complain. The sun was shining and we were both in good spirits. That makes it all that much better! So here's to another week of fun and frolic and more to come...

The Lord has risen! Enjoy the Easter season.

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