Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sneak-Peak Sunday

I hope all are having a really great weekend. I see that many are buried in the white stuff... S-N-O-W !!! I hear that there was 12 inches in Cincinatti! WOW!!! One time we got stranded there in a snow storm. They don't get much snow, so they are not prepared to handle it. I'll never forget that they SHUT DOWN the major highway between Cincy and Lexington and didn't plow the side streets for a whole 2 days! What was even more annoying is that we had studded tires in our trunk, which are actually illegal down there! Anyway... if you have snow where you are... it won't be much longer. Spring is coming!!!

So on to some snippets of our weekend...


  • He had to work mid-morning, which was nice because he didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn... but stunk because I had the day mostly to myself and NOBODY wanted to get together

  • I did a TON of laundry

  • I did piles of dishes

  • I moved the printer onto the desk

  • K's friend assessed some masonry work that needs done and said he'd take care of it this week weather permitting.

  • I sorted my coupons, made lists of "deals," and did my weekly shopping... Brrrrr...

  • I made quich'e for dinner - which he liked :)

  • We watched some of "The Office" (we have seasons 1, 2, & 3 on DVD)

  • We went and got K a new phone (much needed and an awesome deal)

  • We spent the evening programing numbers and features on it


  • We SO should have used the new alarm on the new hip phone because we SLEPT IN!!!! Forgot to set our clocks ahead until it was TOO LATE!!! We missed church! :(
  • We had some quiet time this morning
  • We played with the kitties
  • I made him a tuna noodle casserole
  • I made myself a noodle-salad
  • I'm making brown-sugar ham for dinner
  • We watched some more of "The Office"
  • He's watching the race
  • I'm putsing about on the 'puter and thinking about doing some work - UGH!

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NotJustLaura said...

Thank you for reminding me Spring is coming.