Monday, April 21, 2008

Family Emergency

We had to attend to a family emergency this past weekend. Saturday we got the call to get our butts to Cincinatti ASAP. K's Mom had developed blood clots in her lungs. K had to secure coverage for his job and that took several hours. Meanwhile I was supposed to be house-sitting for a friend and had to make alternative arrangements for that. So we get on our way and find out that we need to pick up his sister and BIL in Columbus on the way. Shortly thereafter we find out that they were bumped from their flight. So we got into Columbus about 7pm and had to wait until 1030pm to pick them up. In the meantime we get a call that K's Mom is having emergency surgery because she has bleeding in her stomach. We arrived at 130am in time to meet the surgeon after her 6 hour surgery to find that she had her gall bladder out, a ventral hernia repaired, and she had a hole in her stomach and needed her gastric bypass repaired. WOW! So we think the hole was the source of bleeding and was likely affected by the Heparin therapy. She has been in ICU ever since. She is VERY ill and in a LOT of pain. They removed the ventilator yesterday so she can talk softly now. She's quite weary but glad to have her children hovering over her.

Everyone's thoughts and prayers are so greatly appreciated.


Marci said...

Jenny, I will pray. Keep us posted.

Kimmers said...

Oh Jenny I am praying for you all. Which hospital is she at? Let me know if you need anything while here in Cincy. I babysit everyday from 2-5 but I am available anytime other than that. If you email me I will get you my phone number.

sissie said...

you and your family are in my prayers

Kimmers said...

Hey Jenny,
Praying for your family. did you get my first message? Let me know if you need anything while here in Cincy