Saturday, April 26, 2008


K's Mom is improving, but still in the ICU and will likely be there at least a few more days. We are encouraged by answered prayers. Thank you to all who are praying. Please keep it up. Answered prayers are so awesome! K's sister returned to California today. His other sister is stretched between work duties, caring for her child, and connecting with her Mom and step-dad. K is pining to return and be with his Mom. He has to work, but his boss did tell him that he's going to try to schedule his days off in such a way that K will be able to make short trips back to Cincy. That will be a good thing.

We have had an emotionally, spiritually, phyically, and financially draining week. We feel so far behind in everything. The past couple of months events have drained a large amount of our savings which we were hoping and praying to be able to use towards a home of our own soon... car trouble, TAXES, more car trouble, and impromtu trips, and...

Adding to my heartache is that I'm wanting to bring my pony home in July but I have to pay the school a significant amount of money first and then somehow cover travel/hauling costs and the like. I had no idea this would become an issue. The school knew my intent to bring her home eventually and never outlined their expectation in this regard. As a matter of fact, the director even apologized for the red-tape and agreed to reduce the amount significantly. Apparently the IRS will not let them simply return a horse to the original owner, nor will they allow an outright 'sale.' I have to pay them the equivalent of boarding costs for the 2 years she's been there, AND they will not release her before it is paid in full. So I have to pay this in the next two months. UGH!!!! Had this been disclosed in the beginning, I would have been paying them all along. I was under the understanding that she would be on-loan to them for educational purposes and that I would be able to retrieve her at any time, with no exchange of monies. (aside from some funds that we willingly donated on several occasions in support of their program) It is a very complicated situation. She is there because my options at the time we left KY were limited. She was with a family for a short while, but when they left they turned her over to the school. Again - very complicated. I'm so annoyed, frustrated, and drained over this situation. K is selling some of his stocks to help cover the cost. I hate that he's doing that. She is 100% worth it, but it is a heartache to realize that our future plans are again on set-back.

We must keep the perspective that she is God's creation, and the funding is also God's. The Lord is faithful and has a perfect plan for us. We shall proclaim our thankfulness and perservere in this situation. As I cried on K's shoulder sobbing that it pains me to choose between our home and my girl... he replied "It wouldn't be a home without your Penny." He is so right.

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