Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sneak Peak Sunday

Oh my goodness... what a whirlwind of a week this past one has been. Let me re-cap:

Last Thursday: Had the day off. Had car trouble. Special thank you to Paul for helping and giving me a ride. You're the best brother!

Last Friday: Blonde moment of the year - told the mechanic to tow my car from the post office to the shop only I told them the WRONG post office. When I called to confess he said "We were wondering. There are a couple Toyota's here and we were trying to get into them." Funny, but I'm also sorry. Ooops. Left town with Dad in Amanda's car just to find out a couple hours into the trip that I just needed a new battery. Thank the Lord!!! It could have been way worse!

Last Saturday: Had fun galavanting with Wendy. Grocery shopping. Played Starwars on Playstation with Isaac. Lot's of chit-chat, etc.

Last Sunday: Went to church with Cory and the kids. Gave the kiddos gum like a good Auntie. Gaylie chewed hers into her pretty dress. Had a fabulous ham lunch that Wendy prepared. YUMMY! Watched some tv. More chit-chat and lovins from the kiddos.

Last Monday: Braided Esther's hair for school. She's way cute! Had the honor of driving them to school. More galavanting with Wendy. Had an interesting stop at the gas station... shopping... then drove home 5+ hours. UGH!

Last Tuesday: Work & Daniel Bible study at church. Love it! Also got my car back from the shop! Wahoo!

Last Wednesday: Work & rest.

Last Thursday: Work & dinner with an old friend.

Last Friday: Work & Girls Group Bible Study in Butler

Saturday: (just yesterday) Laundry, dishes, groceries, etc. Oh and taxes... don't even get me started!!! Also, K's Mom is very ill. Please pray for her.

Today/Sunday: REST - I got up early and put the coffee on. Then I somehow fell back asleep and we missed church! UGH! Watched the video for the Beth Moore Bible Study that I'll be facilitating at our church starting tomorrow. Did some research. Listened to some music. Made dinner.... Oh My I have to run!!! Got to deliver dinner to Keith at work and make a trip to see my folks!



Jane said...

Which Beth Moore are you doing? I have done a few and really enjoyed them.

Jthemilker said...

Stepping Up - Psalms of Ascent
LOVE IT! And funny that they should ask me to lead it... a former Covenanter.