Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blessings Monday

Today I am remembering that I am blessed by the change of seasons. God's glory shines forth as new life springs from abundant sources that surround us. Each day I take note of the significant changes that have occurred without our even noticing mid-day. The tree out front has gone from bare to lush green and continues to become fuller each day. K has noticed that one of our mums is reviving in the front flower garden. The birds are singing all the more. The doves have returned to their nest on the corner between our home and the neighbors. It's perfectly placed such that we can enjoy their cooing which excites our kitties beyond belief. Crystal sits by the window and chirps back at them. She circles the dining room, stares at the window, and meows as if she is pining for them. It's so sweet. There are daffodils and crocuses and all sorts of spring-like flowers planted here and there. I love spring. I love to witness the new life of this world and revel in the fact that God has created it with such diversity. His creation is intricate, detailed, and such a magestic display of artistry. What once was bare and appearing desolate has been revived, new, fresh, and vibrant. I love it!

If you'd like to bless many by sharing or be blessed by reading about other's blessings, head on over to Amazing Graze Farm and join us!


Marci said...

Oh, I love to watch creation come to life as well. Thanks for taking part!!! Hope you had a good weekend last week.

Chandra said...

Oh how I love spring! What a great description!