Monday, April 14, 2008

Tuesdays With Jen: My Memoirs

The Engagement

So while my soldier-boy was on the other side of the world practicing his soldier-like duties, much was said via way of postal mail. He revealed our secret to his mother and she kindly wrote me a letter expressing her desire to know me more. His sister chimed in with e-mail comments and alas our future was unfolding.

He returned from deployment in time to be released from duty... honorably discharged. It was funny that while he was serving in Bosnia, they made him the recruiting officer. Why? He was getting out. That makes no sense. Anyway... he bought me a plane ticket to Colorado Springs. Now this was my first flight - ever! I was somewhat nervous about traveling so far on my own and about meeting my soldier again face to face. When I arrived in Colorado Springs, there he was... at the baggage claim waiting for me. I'll never forget he was wearing a brown bomber jacket and it appeared as if he had recently had his hair cut - I mean - shaved almost completely off. Ahhhhhhh.... the embrace. So long and so sweet, with just a few tears of joy.

He showed me around the military base. We visited Garden of the Gods. We stopped by Seven Falls. We admired Pikes Peak from a distance. We ate at LaCasita's - yummy mexican.

Kissing Camels - Garden of the Gods
Seven Falls

One evening he took me to the Olive Garden. We dressed up for the occasion. I wore a black tuxedo dress with heals and wore my hair down. We had dinner and wine and it was fabulous. He proposed to me...

We've been together and far apart enduring 'for better for worse,'On our first date, we endured 'sickness and health,'Will you do me the honor of making it until death do we part?
Jennifer, will you marry me?

How sweet is that?!!! Then came the ring. It was beautiful! He had picked it all by himself and I was very impressed! I was on cloud-nine! Never had anyone given me anything so precious in all my life. Of course... I accepted!

We had plans to site-see a couple more days but unexpectedly he was notified that his Grandfather was dying. We scrambled to complete his discharge paperwork and began our journey back across the United States. We arrived in time for Grandpa's funeral... another time of bonding. That was sad. I was glad to have met him months earlier when I visited.

And that is the story of our engagement.


Chandra said...

I love a good love story! That is such a sweet proposal!

Marci said...

I am really enjoying your story!!!! I loved the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak and so much more out there.