Monday, May 12, 2008

Blessings Monday

If I keep up with nothing else, I should at least keep up with proclaiming my thankfulness for abundant blessings... even just once each week!

We ride the roller coaster of discontent on an ongoing basis. You might call it trying to keep up with the Joneses, but that's not truly it. There are those things in life that come later for some of us... for us it is having our own home. Some things occurred to me this past week...

If we had bought the house we wanted to buy 2 years ago, we would have likely foreclosed by now given the status of the interest rates nationwide. Our lender was insisting that we have a flexible rate mortgage... boy am I thankful that God blessed us by NOT giving us that home.

If we had bought the house we are currently living in, we would likely be in similar dire straights as the aformentioned. This place needs a LOT of repairs and the property taxes are outrageous. I'm really glad that God blessed us with a generous landlord who lets us make changes and improvements to the house as we please and who keeps the rent affordable so we can pay our other debts in preparation for what blessing God may have in store for us in the years to come.

A couple weeks ago some friends of ours house was struck by lightning and burned it very badly. It's so bad that it will likely be demolished and completely rebuilt. As K and I sat one evening on our couch watching tv and eating pizza, it occurred to me that our friends have no tv, no couch, not even a plate to eat off of... much less a home. Sometimes the circumstances of others makes us realize how blessed we really are to have this home and all these belongings. What an eye opening experience.

So today I am counting the blessing of our home. I may have counted this blessing before, maybe even multiple times; however, a home of our own is something that we desire so greatly. It takes but a moment for that desire to expand into discontent... and then we day-dream about our someday home and go on to plan our future and how great it will be. That is dangerous behavior! That is why I must often remind myself of what precious blessings we have right here and now. Sure I dream of days to come, but I must keep the perspective that I should dream of fulfilling the Lord's plans for me... not my own. And folks... don't forget to enjoy the moments of TODAYS blessing!

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Marci said...

Great things to think on and be thankful for Jenny!!!