Monday, June 23, 2008

Blessings Monday

Life has been a little bit too overwhelming these days and that has caused a blogging hiatus on my part. I shall try to keep up with an occasional post, but it seems that it may be at least another month or so before things settle.

Today is Blessings Monday and that is my favorite weekly post (when I make it). So here it goes...

I am greatly blessed by my friend Rene'e. She is one of the greatest friends ever. She is family. She goes out of her way, above and beyond, to look out for me and the things that are close to my heart. We share a lot of special things and I am so grateful for her place in my life.

May God bless her richly today and always.

Don't YOU have a blessing to share? Come join us at Blessings Monday hosted by Down On The Farm.

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Marci said...

I was hoping for Penny pictures!!! Hope all went well with bringing her home.

Thanks for taking part.