Saturday, June 28, 2008

Road Trip

Sorry... no pictures. I didn't have batteries on the way down, but then I got some and it rained pretty bad all the way home. I'm looking like a drowned rat at the moment, but I'm soaring with gratitude for the return of my pony after 2 whole years apart. WOW - I can't believe she's home!!!!

We left Friday after work. We drove to Cincy, arrived pretty late, but had a nice warm place to lay our heads at my inlaws. Mom and Jim were glad to have us even if the visit was short. I am grateful for the rest and Mom made a really nice breakfast for us and gave me a go-cup of coffee for the road. She's so thoughtful.

By the way, Mom is doing great! She is actually back to work! She looks great and we are so thankful for her recovery.

This morning we drove from Cincy to Wilmore (near Lexington). We snuck into the IGA in town and picked up a few cans of Skyline Chili and Ale-8 soda (which we cannot buy where we live). Shortly thereafter we arrived at the stable, where the stable-worker handed her over with some necessary paperwork for travel. After filling some containers with water to offer her on the road, she walked right on the trailer without any glitch and off we went! I was beaming!!! (and still am)

The drive home was long. We stopped 3 or 4 times to fuel and offer her some water. Every time I opened the trailer door she would whinny. She was alert, vocal, and begging for attention (and carrots). She was not sweaty or nervous... she rode like a champ! Whatta girl!

So we arrived home 8 hours after picking her up... 11 hours total travel today. We ran into a few patches of nasty rain on the way home, but the rain cooled things off so it was actually not too uncomfortable for her to travel.

We walked her into the barn where she met her three new pals. Two of them were in stalls and the third was loose, kind of having the run of the barn. I slipped her into the stall and she, of course, immediately wanted to greet Rambo, who sauntered over to do the same. She squealed and then she acted like she was in heat. They groomed each other and squealed a little off and on and she even kicked a little too, but overall she is settling in nicely. We put up a new run of fence that separates the two pastures so she can be in one while the other three are in the other.

Tomorrow she will be led around the fence to show her the fence line. There is a lot of green grass there, so I hope she doesn't eat too much of it. I may need to get her a grazing muzzle. I hate to do that because when she wears a halter, it usually rubs. I don't like to leave a halter on her if I don't have to. Anyway... she fits right in at this farm and actually adds a very pretty color to the palate of the little herd.

Can I just say that my friend Rene'e... she rocks!!!! I love her so so much. If it weren't for her, I would not have been able to bring Penny home. If it were not for her, I would not have gotten her back in the first place. Rene'e is entirely gracious. She didn't have the time to spare to do this, but she did it anyway. I'm very humbled, grateful, thankful, and appreciative of her.

As I left the farm and drove towards home, there was a gigantic and boldly colored double rainbow over town. I thought to my self... God is so so good... doubly good. I thanked him many times this evening. His faithfulness has been displayed in my life over and over. The separation over the past couple years was weighing heavy on my heart. God knows... and he faithfully offered me the desires of my heart... to bring her home. He displayed that rainbow so brightly reminding me of his promises. God is SO GOOD!!!


Jemit said...

I've been so curious whether you and Renee had been able to make the trip or not. I'm so thrilled for you.
Atta girl!! Welcome home, Penny

Marci said...

I am so excited for you Jenny!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures.