Monday, June 30, 2008

Blessings Monday

We have been blessed with beautiful flowers. We decided early on this spring that we would not spend a fortune on landscaping and the like. Who knew we would have more flowers than we needed? We carefully collected marigold seeds last year and planted those. I had a couple packets of seeds that came free in the mail. Last year's rose bloomed abundantly. Rene'e gave us about a dozen more flowers to plant. Amanda gave us a handful of flowers too AND a burning bush taboot. I did pick up a hanging basket at work for $15 and a flat of impatiens from a church fundraiser for $13. Keith treated the yard to rid us of dandilions for $8. He put in a new rose bush for $10 and a Red Lady bush for $30. All in all we spent less than $100 on the yard this year.

I also have one tomato plant and some herbs growing on the porch. SOMEDAY I may have a legitimate garden.

I am grateful to have these plants surrounding our home. They are beautiful and good for the environment. We are so blessed to have an abundance of flowers this year.
Come join us at Blessings Monday hosted by Down On The Farm.


Marci said...

I thought for sure your post would be about Penny. I too love flowers and plants and like having them around.

Jthemilker said...

I thought about it but didn't want to wear out that topic already. I'm going to take some pictures of her later this week... maybe Wednesday night. Oh she's so pretty!