Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuesdays With Jen... My Memoirs

A few things I remember about my Magnium...

  • He was probably my bestest friend growing up. He loved me. He thrived on the attention I gave him. We traveled many many miles together.

  • He used to give me kisses on the cheek.

  • His favorite treat was Pecan Sandies.

  • We won some ribbons at the Fair and also at some little shows

  • One time he was so full of spunk that he actually chased after the dog, Peaches!

  • He was injured when he fell onto a stick. He had to have stitches. I was in shock and hyperventilating when I called the vet. He has a scar, but fully recovered.

  • One time he ran away with me and crossed the road infront of a car at a full gallop... that was scary!

  • Another time we were riding around the pond in the woods behind the airport and a goose tried to attack because we were too close to her nest... not a pleasant experience. We outran the goose!

  • There's nothing like lying back on your horse after dark at the foot of the runway watching the little planes come in overhead.

  • I rode him to school on two separate occasions and 'parked' him in the agriculture department.

  • I could ride after dark because my Magnium knew the way home.

  • Mom... I rode across Route 8... a few times! AND we sometimes rode to the Dairy Queen for ice cream.

  • I rode to McCormicks frequently where we would stop for drinks, snacks, and of course... carrots.

  • Sometimes in the summer we would gallop into the creek in Renfrew full speed ahead. It was like something you'd see in the movies... water splashing everywhere. It was also refreshing.

  • I knew my way on the trails as far as Saxonburg, Mars, Evans City, or Renfrew and sometimes saw more than one of those locations in one days travel.

  • One time I was riding with some people that were drinking. I got off for some reason and let go of him and he ran home without me! That was not his brightest moment.

  • Mr Helfer used to save a special box of apples inside his garage for when we rode by... he'd spoil the horse.

  • When I was a senior in highschool I needed to run a mile for gym class. I practiced by jogging beside Magnium every night after school.

  • My most memorable experience... I was riding with Rene'e back behind Browns. There was a hot air balloon and I said "Awesome, let's gallup up underneath it." (not my brightest idea) We did and when we got right up to the top of the hill they blew the hot air. Magnium reared straight up and I slipped right off the back of him.

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