Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ponies Parks and Zoo... What more could a little boy want?!

Penny & Sir

Slippery Slides at the Park

Petting Kangaroos!

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Our nephew, Hayden, and his mother (of course) payed us a visit this weekend. His proud Uncle Keith spoiled him rotten!!! First was a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo... then Aunt J.J. took him to pet the ponies (and even sit on one)... and then the picnic dinner at the park! He left this morning with his new black-bear-back-pack, bug puzzle, and other goodies. We don't get to see him but a couple times each year so we are most impressed that at 2 years old he even knows our names... What a delight. His mom is quite aware that we are glad to visit with her, but the main attaction is the little-one. We were sad to see them go this morning.

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