Monday, August 04, 2008

Blessings Monday

We recently got a letter from my Aunt who lives in Arizona. I try to keep in touch with her by writing occasional letters. She is not physically well these days, so it is a challenge for her to return a written response, although I know that she loves to exchange letters.

The letter explained the multiple physical barriers she is enduring at this stage in her life. She is basically bed-ridden and relies on her husband to cook, clean, and care for her.

Along with the letter was an unexpected gift of money with a note to buy something that we have both been wanting. Oh the possibilities. Oh the fun in dreaming them up! We sat on it and prayed on it for a while.

As we were preparing for our incoming guests last week, we decided what things we have both been wanting... a new area rug and a small tv stand for the living room. Our living room decor includes deep red walls, a grey couch, white full length curtains, and some black accent pieces of furniture.

The correspondence and the gift were appreciated blessings. We are grateful to have the opportunity to splurge on a little something that we have been wanting. THANK YOU!!!! God is SO good and provides in such unforseen ways. I love it!!!

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Marci said...

What a blessing. I am glad you were able to buy some things for your home and that you found things that match your decor. Thanks for taking part Jenny!!