Monday, October 06, 2008

Blessings Monday

Answered prayers are on the top of my list of blessings on any given day of my life. We are in turmoil over our car situation. We are anticipating the worst when the mechanic hands us the bill for his services for repairs and for TIME spent repairing the vehicle. To say that we are nervous is an understatement. This is definitely something that we have to give to God over and over again. It's our human nature to carry these burdens, but we are afforded the opportunity to let Him take it and thus we shall.

Saturday evening I was home alone and deep in prayer and meditation at about 10:30pm. I was complaining to God about hard times in our home. While we both carry the load, we are very different responders. My hubby, by nature, is more of a negativist. He sees everything from the most dramatically poor perspective. Doom and gloom naturally exudes from him. I'm just the opposite... light hearted and preaching about 'trust in the Lord' and 'everything will work out fine.' It makes me weary to be the one that carries the load so much. Fast Forward to 2:30am... my hubby's kind words within a hug "Honey, we'll get thru this together. Everything will be alright."

Those are miraculous words... and an ANSWERED PRAYER even just a few hours after I poured out my frustration to the Lord. He is so faithful! I just cannot say that enough!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!
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Kimmers said...

Yeah! The Lord is so good.
Please let me know any specific ways that I can pray for you.

Marci said...

I LOVE answered prayers like that. Thanks for sharing!!